Ode to a small-town vacation

Well, somehow spring is gone and it’s basically summer. It’s 90 degrees outside, the strawberries are here, and it’s two weeks until graduation (because when you work in Higher Ed, you never stop judging the passing of time by the academic calendar).

So, naturally, this means I’m dreaming of summer vacation! For us this year, vacation will be long weekends spent backpacking in the mountains or floating around at the lake with a margarita in hand. No big trips for us this summer—partly because we’re working on plans for a really big trip in the near future (more on that later…), and partly because we just took a big vacation in March up to visit friends in New England.

I’ve already written about a couple parts of this trip: our adventurous Mount Cardigan hike and our day trip to Burlington, VT. But, with vacation on my mind, I wanted to share one more thing about this trip. Specifically, a small revelation it gave me—how FUN it is to vacation in a small town!!

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Five favorites in Burlington, Vermont

Last month, Chris and I took a trip up to visit friends in New England. (Here’s Part One, about our Mount Cardigan hike, if you missed it.)

On our first full day after arriving in Hanover, the two of us took a little day trip over to nearby Burlington, Vermont.


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Mud, Ice, & Glory

Hiking Mount Cardigan

(In which Chris nearly stabs his eye out with a tree branch)

Last weekend, Chris and I took a few days off work to go up to New Hampshire/Vermont to visit our good friends Erica and Derek (and their sweet pitt mix, Emmy). Originally, we intended this to be a ski trip. But Mother Nature global warming had other plans—so instead, we took advantage of the spring weather and went on a hike!

Wait, let me be clear—this was not a walk in the woods. This was a hike.

We picked Mount Cardigan, a three-mile loop that’s categorized as “easy.” It started out on an auspicious note when Erica stepped into an ankle-deep mud puddle before we even got on the trail.


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