Friday thoughts & thought-provoking links

It has been a rough week here on earth, y’all.

I’ve been struggling all week with what—if anything—to post here. The thing is…I am an over-thinker and a conflict-avoider. Whether it’s a challenging situation at work or things happening in the world, it always takes me some time to gather my thoughts. My tendency is always not to jump into the fray, but to pull back, into my head. To read and think and read some more and worry about what I’m doing and if it’s enough.

There is an incredibly nuanced and complex mess of problems facing us right now. I don’t think that there is a single solution here—not even a single issue at play. It is complicated, and difficult, and frankly it’s hard not to throw up my hands and give in to despair. But that is one thing that I won’t let happen, because despair is a victory for hate.

All I know right now is: We have to come together. We have to keep trying. We have to keep loving. We have to reach out and listen to one another. With compassion and understanding, we need to face the hard truths about ourselves, our culture, our country and its threats—together.

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