Life lately & Friday favorites

This is what my life has looked like the past few weeks: traveling around back and forth between North Carolina and Virginia (and briefly, Texas!) Boat rides and long runs and afternoon thunderstorms. Opportunities and disappointments. Possibility and uncertainty. Waiting. Catching up on reading. List-making. (Always list-making.) More waiting. Taking pictures of flowers.


The most exciting news as of late is that we booked a venue and a date for our wedding next spring (!!!), and spent a wonderful, relaxing Easter weekend at home with family.

But mostly, my days are made up of alternately 1) planning way far in advance and 2) trying not to think much about the future in hopes of avoiding panic attacks. I’m reveling in unstructured time (so much reading; so many breakfast sandwiches) and then also loathing it, because truth be told, I am a structure-loving gal at heart.

This is a season of me trying to lean into fear and uncertainty….and succeeding and failing in roughly equal measure.

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Friday favorites: 6 short stories to read this weekend

Like most of us, I never feel like I have enough time to read. When I was a kid, and even into high school, I used to devour books like it was my JOB. These days, I add titles to my Kindle wishlist about 10 times faster than I can cross them off.

(I also like to collect old, pretty books that I will probably never read.)

But here’s the thing. When I stop and think about it, I actually do spend a lot of time reading….just not as much time reading books.

So what DO I read then? Random stories on the internet.

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Friday favorites

It’s Friday!

giphy (4).gif

(It’s also National Grammar Day, so this weekend is already off to a great start.) It’s already starting to feel a little like spring down here in South Carolina, and I’m so excited to spend some time outside—even if it’s just walking down the street to Kalmia Gardens or putting up the hammock. 🙂 Other weekend plans include a gender reveal party, a Mario Kart tournament, and friends visiting—a.k.a. five people + three dogs all staying in our 700-square-foot, one-bathroom house. #youngadultlife

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