Put a toothpick in it: 3 secrets of a killer veggie wrap

Well, hey spring! It seems like I blinked and all the sudden everything is blooming and covered in pollen. My first mosquito bites of the year have already come and gone. #SClife

Whenever the temperature hits the 70s, I immediately start craving all kinds of fresh, warm-weather food. Asparagus! Fresh salsa! Good avocados! Pineapple! Grilled everything! TOMATOES! I have a strong urge to cook something with radishes and peas…so stay tuned for that one. I’ll also have a couple more travel posts to share soon, about the rest of our New Hampshire trip (when we weren’t scaling icy mountains) and a recent family trip to DC. But in the meantime, I wanted to share one of my incredibly easy, go-to lunch recipes. One that I’ve been eating a lot these last few balmy weeks: the best veggie wrap ever.


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