Roasted winter veggies with pecans & goat cheese


Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recipe post, so I wanted to pop in today to bring you one of my tried-and-true favorites.

I had thought that posting this recipe now would be a little more timely… but despite the fact that it’s barely March, around here it feels like Spring sprung a while ago. The daffodils all bloomed weeks ago, and the tulip poplars and Bradford pears weren’t far behind. So even though Punxsutawney Phil promised that we’d have several more weeks of winter, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Nevertheless, in hopes of at least one more cold snap (and one more cozy night by the fire) before we’re into warmer weather for good, I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite recipes. Its backbone is the perfect trio, the three Bs of winter veggies: butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and beets. I tend to make it most in the winter, since that’s when they’re in season—and these hearty, earthy flavors, hot from the oven and brightened up with tangy goat cheese, really hit the spot on a cold night. But, with that said, it’s delicious enough to eat year-round.

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Rainbow (trout) salad


We eat a lot of fish.

Mainly because it meets the elusive trifecta of dinner perfection:


PLUS one fantastic bonus—it makes great leftovers! My favorite thing to do is put leftover fish on a salad. Like this one, where I took a hunk of leftover trout (baked with a simple herb seasoning), plopped it on top of a rainbow of crunchy veggies, and suddenly had a very fancy-looking lunch.

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A Southern 4th of July feast

Happy 4th of July!


We’re up at Chris’s family’s lake house at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia, and it’s nothing but clouds and rain in the forecast—which has kind of cramped our plans to spend hours floating in the water sipping margaritas. But we’ve nonetheless managed to have a festive and relaxing weekend so far, complete with fancy cocktails, boat rides and fireworks.

And honestly, I can’t complain about an extra-long weekend at the lake under any circumstances. Besides, extra time indoors means one thing: extra time for COOKING (and eating)! I decided to take advantage of the occasion and put together a casual, Southern, summery feast perfect for the 4th of July: pulled pork barbecue, potato salad, coleslaw, mac & cheese, and of course, the crowning touch…warm peach & blackberry cobbler fresh from the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream.

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Strawberry-Balsamic Bruschetta



Praise the lord and run to the grocery store nearest you—strawberry season is officially upon us!

When Chris and I walked into the produce department yesterday, we were both IMMEDIATELY drawn—like moths to a flame—to a cart piled high with baskets and baskets of strawberries. Plump, juicy berries that looked decidedly different from the pale, sour impostors that have been filling the shelves since September. These beauties, from McLeod Farms right down the road, were shiny and deep red, with a delicately sweet scent that you could smell from practically across the whole store.

The season’s first batch of strawberries is HERE, and it is glorious.

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Put a toothpick in it: 3 secrets of a killer veggie wrap

Well, hey spring! It seems like I blinked and all the sudden everything is blooming and covered in pollen. My first mosquito bites of the year have already come and gone. #SClife

Whenever the temperature hits the 70s, I immediately start craving all kinds of fresh, warm-weather food. Asparagus! Fresh salsa! Good avocados! Pineapple! Grilled everything! TOMATOES! I have a strong urge to cook something with radishes and peas…so stay tuned for that one. I’ll also have a couple more travel posts to share soon, about the rest of our New Hampshire trip (when we weren’t scaling icy mountains) and a recent family trip to DC. But in the meantime, I wanted to share one of my incredibly easy, go-to lunch recipes. One that I’ve been eating a lot these last few balmy weeks: the best veggie wrap ever.


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Banana Bread French Toast: Two Ways


I am obsessed with breakfast. I wake up early every morning just so I can have enough time to cook a couple of eggs or some oatmeal and sit down with a cup of coffee before work. If all else fails, I’m at least grabbing a granola bar as I’m running out the door, because skipping breakfast is NOT an option.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time thinking about breakfast. And a couple of weeks ago, I was at work when an idea suddenly popped into my head:

French toast is the best.
Banana bread is ALSO the best.
So what if you put them together?!?

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