Across the country (and back) in 60 seconds

Months before my fiancé, Chris, and I left on our U.S. road trip, I had this idea for a project.


I wanted to make a video. Kind of like a highlight reel—a way to capture the essence of our trip (and all the different landscapes we saw) and condense it into a quick video to share with family and friends. So, for two months—every day that we were traveling—I made sure to capture at least a few seconds of footage on my iPhone of our view from the road. The idea was to eventually edit it down into one second from each day of our road trip, then put it all together into one final video.

Now, months after we got back home, it’s finally finished! It turned out a little different than I imagined, to be honest. I am NO cinematographer and only had iMovie to work with (which has its many limitations). In the end, my “one second per day” idea turned out to be more of a loose concept than an exact description. And all of the clips are terrible iPhone quality, shakily filmed through a window.

But you know what? I only finished it a few days ago, and I must have watched it a hundred times already. It makes me SO happy every time! Mostly, I think, because it’s really fun to see my little idea come to life nearly a year later. But also because it feels like a real, authentic recap of our trip—rainy days, bumpy roads, bugs on the windshield, bison in the road and all.

Anyway, here it is: Across the country (and back) in 60 seconds! (I’m too cheap right now to pay for the WordPress version that lets me upload video, but if you click on the image below it will take you to YouTube.)

Hope you enjoy it!


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