Put a toothpick in it: 3 secrets of a killer veggie wrap

Well, hey spring! It seems like I blinked and all the sudden everything is blooming and covered in pollen. My first mosquito bites of the year have already come and gone. #SClife

Whenever the temperature hits the 70s, I immediately start craving all kinds of fresh, warm-weather food. Asparagus! Fresh salsa! Good avocados! Pineapple! Grilled everything! TOMATOES! I have a strong urge to cook something with radishes and peas…so stay tuned for that one. I’ll also have a couple more travel posts to share soon, about the rest of our New Hampshire trip (when we weren’t scaling icy mountains) and a recent family trip to DC. But in the meantime, I wanted to share one of my incredibly easy, go-to lunch recipes. One that I’ve been eating a lot these last few balmy weeks: the best veggie wrap ever.


I am incredibly lucky at this stage of my life in that I get to go home for lunch every day. With access to a full fridge and kitchen. So many options! Endless possibilities!

So, of course, here’s the three things I eat for lunch most often:

1) leftovers
2) a salad
3) a veggie wrap

Hmm, what’s the common denominator here?? Oh right—ease. Because even when you have all the possibilities, who has time to spend making an elaborate lunch? (Also, flexibility. The best recipes are ones you can quickly throw together with whatever needs to be eaten in the fridge.)

So, I’ve perfected the veggie wrap formula. On the surface, a veggie wrap sounds like the most boring lunch…but don’t be deceived. Sometimes Most of the time, simple is best. I’ve experimented with other flavors. I’ve dabbled and strayed, but this is my one true love. My safe place. The one I can always count on.

Without further ado, here are my three secrets to an amazing veggie wrap:

1) hummus
2) feta cheese
3) avocado

Boom. There it is. Good fats, protein (from the hummus) and FLAVOR. This is your creamy, tangy, delicious canvas to create the wrap of your dreams. You could put just about anything on this wrap and it will be delicious. This wrap could shoot someone in the middle of Times Square and I’d still eat it.

Sure, you could add some lunch meat or bacon. I wouldn’t blame you. It won’t be bad. But IMHO, this trifecta shines with just a heap of fresh, crunchy veggies.

It goes like this:

  1. Start with a big ‘ol wrap (No messing around with that fajita-sized nonsense. Get the burrito ones.)
  2. Generously spread on some hummus (Garlic? Roasted red pepper? Sure, why not?)
  3. Sprinkle feta on top (The order is important, because this way the feta sticks to the hummus and doesn’t fall out everywhere.)
  4. Pile on fresh veggies (My favorites: bell pepper, cucumber, red cabbage, shredded carrots, spinach…)
  5. Top with a few avocado slices
  6. Secure with a couple of toothpicks—because you’ve created a monster—and go to town.


You can add practically anything to this—whatever vegetables you have lying around in the fridge. Want some extra protein? Try edamame or black beans! I bet radishes and/or peas would even be great in this. 


…And there you have it. You’ve reached veggie wrap nirvana. Plus, you can make this ahead and it will be just as good! So even when life is crazy-busy (as opposed to just regular busy—let’s be honest, no state of being is not on the busy continuum these days) this wrap will never do you wrong.

Happy spring (eating)!

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