Friday favorites

It’s Friday!

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(It’s also National Grammar Day, so this weekend is already off to a great start.) It’s already starting to feel a little like spring down here in South Carolina, and I’m so excited to spend some time outside—even if it’s just walking down the street to Kalmia Gardens or putting up the hammock. 🙂 Other weekend plans include a gender reveal party, a Mario Kart tournament, and friends visiting—a.k.a. five people + three dogs all staying in our 700-square-foot, one-bathroom house. #youngadultlife

Anyway, this is a little feature I’d like to do once or twice a month, just to share links to some of the things I’m reading/loving/thinking about lately.

  1. This perspective on balance really resonated with me when I first found it months ago. I stumbled across it again this week, and it was perfect timing for a re-read.
  2. “That’s what makes stories matter: when you read or watch or hear a story about a total stranger, in a completely different world, and you recognize that story as your own.”
  3. This video—specifically around the 0:55 mark—had me giggling uncontrollably. (I also related to several of these more than I’d like to admit…)
  4. When contemplating our current political situation makes me feel too much panic/overwhelming dread, I’ve found that it helps to try to understand it all from a more removed, sociological standpoint. So, I found this NYT piece fascinating, and ended up down an Internet rabbit hole about Donald Trump and the sociology of disgust. (If you’re interested, you should also read this one. And for another antidote to political news, see #10.)
  5. I love me some National Parks, but National Forests are totally underrated—especially if you like #campingwithdogs. This list of 11 of the greatest National Forests has me itching to plan some camping trips! (Also, a deserved shout-out to Pisgah, my National Forest home.)
  6. The concept of public shaming in our modern society is SO interesting to me. When is it helpful? When does it do more harm than good? Is shaming an effective or cruel parenting technique? (Warning—this is a tough read. But worth it.)
  7. I’m dying to make this Pear and Nutella tart!
  8. I’m kind of obsessed with Target’s new Camp Kiddo collection for their Pillowfort line of kids home decor. Is that weird? Can I buy that stuffed bear and campfire for myself?
  9. Have you listened to the Modern Love podcast yet? It. Is. So. Good.
  10. And finally, a sleepy puppy stampede (that I may or may not have watched at least 100 times in a row yesterday):


…you’re welcome. Happy Friday, friends!



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